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Home Inspection Report

As part of an entry application for the UK, the UK Border Agency requires a home inspection report to be carried out and submitted to them.

The purpose of a home inspection report is to ensure that the property is safe for the applicant to live in, and to ensure that the property isn’t already overcrowded, or at risk of becoming overcrowded.

If you’re applying for a visa to remain in the UK, a home inspection report is vital to the success of your application. Lack of a home inspection report could lead to your visa application being declined completely.

We have the necessary training and expertise to provide home inspection reports for our clients applying for a range of UK visas, including: Settlement Visas and Family Visit Visas.

We work to the official UK Border Agency guidelines.To discuss the home inspection report service that we provide to our clients, please call or email us now and we will be glad to assist you further.